Translation of Marie Keyserlingks writings and other new items under Stories.

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Br>Susie Keyserling Ruggels has translated the German text written by Marie Keyserlingk, Heinrich the Whalers second wife on their exeriences in Japan and China.  A good picture of those times and an insight into the family life at the time.

Also Harry Keyserlingk has written a piece on his branch of the family which is also worth reading. There is a new piece by Elisa von Recke about her life.  I have added new paintings of several family members.

Quite a few new families have been added to the site which now carries over 3500 individual names. If you have forgotten your passwords to access the private part of the website do let me know.   The site now carries some 300 pictures as well as almost 300 email addresses.


September 20, 2006

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