Edmund Baron von Hahn passes away

On  September 23, Philipp von Hahn wrote from Ottawa, Canada:

'I have just received a telephone message from Anna Hahn that her husband Edmund (Postenden) has passed away earlier today. No details yet. Funeral arrangements will be published in the Ottawa Citizen. Edmund was born in Danzig 4.1.1924. and married A n n a  Korczynska (b.16.12.1927 in Stockholm 11.2. 1950). Anna's  postal address is 1250 Foxborough Private, Ottawa ON,  K1J 1E2.

I intend to attend the funeral and will bring a wreath on behalf of the Family'.

Edmund was the brother of Eberhard von Hahn who married Anita Baronesse Keyserlingk.

Sunday, September 24, 2006