Family happenings/Familiennachrichten, updated May 2007

I intend to use this bulletin to share news about family events of interest.  I will update it from time to time. If you have items which could be of interest to other family members, please let me know.

Ich werde dieses Bulletin benutzen um Neuigkeiten der Familie zu veroeffentlichen.  Ich werde versuchen es auf dem Laufenden zu halten.  Wenn Ihr etwas Interesantes erfaehrt, bitte lasst es mich wissen.


MAY 2007

ROBERT POPP AND HIS WIFE YVETTE BURKE are the proud parents of a baby girl born in Toronto on December 31, 2006.  The young lady has been named:Callia Alexia Grace Burke-Popp. Robert is the son of Henry and Paulette Popp.

HELLMUTH VON BOGEN has produced a complete Keyserlingk family tree which can be seen on the website under Library. He has also digitalized the 1853 book on Keyserlingk family genealogy. He is offering CDs to family members.  You can get his email on the website.

MARTIN KEYSERINGK AND MELISSA MAAS have a new daughter born May 22 in Nelson BC.  She is called Freya Kali Keyserlingk.

APRIL 2007

KLAS LACKSCHEWITZ has recently produced an updated Hahn family handbook.  The updates and corrections of Hahns related to Keyserlingks are reflected in the Keyserlingk family website.

STEPHANIE VON DEHN AND DEREK SCHICK are the proud parents of a daughter Katelyn born in February 2007.

GABY KEYSERLINGK AND RICK PERKINS are the parents of Caleb Ian.  They recently moved to San Antonio, Texas.  Rick is now marketing manager with USAA, a large insurance company.

SORAYA POPP  (daughter of Gisela Popp Chang) AND TIMOTHY LOWRY are the proud parents of their new son  Milo Odin who was born at 0647 on March 26, 2007.

CICELY ARCENAUX WASHINGTON, daughter of Vicky von Keyserling moved to Colorado with her husband and 2 children, Tyus and Cheyene. Cicely and Shane have announced their wedding which will take place in July 2007 in the Domincan Republic.

ALEXANDRA KEYSERLINGK AND HER HUSBAND SVEN HOFFMEYER organized a nice dinner for Brigitte and me in March 2007 when we visited Dubai where they now live.   Both Alexandra and Sven are hotel management graduates. They are the parents of young Philip born in 2003.  Sven is a marketing manager for the Grand Hyatt in Dubai.

HANNA KEYSERLINGK AND HER DAUGHTER PASCALINE TREBUCHET met us for the day when Brigitte and I were in the island of Reunion in February 2007.  Pascaline and her husband Christophe are medical doctors in Reunion and are the parents of  Charles, Elsa and Camille. Hanna has her main law offices in Tananarive in Madagascar with a branch in Reunion. 

JULIA POPP joined Brigitte and me for lunch and an afternoon at the Cairo Museum when we visited Egypt in March 2007. Julia is now retired from her ministry in the Anglican Church. She was in Egypt doing social work with friends. Julia now resides in Oxford, England.

FAMILY REUNION 2008.  There are strong confirmed rumors circulating that someone is considering organizing a family reunion in August 2008 in Germany.  We will need to await an official announcement.

MAXIMILIANE KEYSERLINGK AND  MATHIAS SCHULZE have announced their wedding for the 7 July 2007. Lots of 7s involved. Apparently they will also be celebrating their 7th year together.

EDWARD TED KEYSERLINGK  has now retired from his position as Public Service Integrity Officer for the Government of Canada. He and Rachelle look forward now to enjoying their retirement.

KATRIN VON DEHN AND HER HUSBAND SEBASTIAN SPANO are the proud parents of their fourth child, Isabelle Anna, born in 2006.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007