The future of the Baltic Nobility Organization (Baltische Ritterschaft)-a discussion

As many of you are probably not aware the membership in Baltic Nobility Organization (Baltische Ritterschaft-BR), has been gradually dropping.  Current numbers indicate that membership in the organization has reached such low levels that only 25% of Baltic family members between the ages of 30 and 60 are currently members. Given that female descendants are excluded from membership, this could mean that only 10 to 12% of eligible members have bothered to join.  The Board of  Directors of the BR in Germany  had named members to form a committee to ponder the future of the organization which was shortly thereafter disbanded as no consensus was reached.   This nomination of members by the board triggered a lively discussion amongs several cousins which I am sharing with you.   This is a serious matter which needs to be addressed lest the BR just gradually slips into oblivion. This would be a trajedy given that the BR holds and maintains all the records of the history of our families.  If you wish to add to this discussion, please go to blog I have set up at:

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