Join the new Baltic Nobility group on Linked in.
I  invite the many descendants and relatives of noble families of the Baltics (not only Keyserlingk related)  to join our new group on LinkedIn. This group will allow us to network among friends and family who are linked by their connection to Baltic Nobility. It is open to anyone who is a member of one of the many Baltic Noble families either by birth or by marriage.  To join, you must first join LinkedIn  at  . It is free to join.
This is a networking website with over 100 million professionals. It is free.

Then you can join the new group by looking under groups for :Descendants and Relatives of Noble Families of the Baltics.  The more information you put about yourself, the better your cousins and others will be able to get to know you. It would also be great if you added a few words on how you belong to this group :for example by adding the names of your parents to help people to identify you.  The more members join, the more this group will be useful. Try it. You can always opt out later on.  Please let others you know who are descendants or relatives of one or the other Noble Families of the Baltics. We want this site to be inclusive. I would hope we can have members from all over the world. 

Sander Keyserlingk, October 18, 2011

By: Sander  
Thursday, October 27, 2011