Welcome the Crawfords, a recently discovered branch of the Keyseringk family living in the USA
Thanks to genealogical work of Harold Crawford, I now have been able now to add to the website the descendants of Alvin August Baron Keyserlingk, son of Oscar Ludwig Ernst Baron Keyserlingk.  Alvin emmigrated to the US in the 19th century and his descendants now live mostly in the New York area. I have posted these descendants to the website and we can now welcome new relatives with names such as Crawford, Seidel, Treybal, Paul and Boccardi.  This now takes the number of Keyserlingk family members on our site to over 5000 persons of which I estimate over 2500 are living relatives.  Distant yes, but still related.


February 2012

By: Sander  
Saturday, April 7, 2012