The Kern family joins the Keyserlingk website. A third branch living in the USA.
Thanks to the genealogical work of Peter Kern,  we have been able to add the descendants of his grandmother, Irmgard Louise Baronesse Keyserlingk. This family now resides in the USA in Arizona and Washington state.  Welcome to our new cousins.  The branches are gradually growing and being populated with descendants of our female ancestors who were and are still ignored by the Baltic Nobility Association.  Such a shame but it is great to be able to recognize them as full members and  as part of the Keyserlingk family. The Kerns are the third family we have discovered in the USA  in less than 3 months. You can read about the connection of  the Kern-Knoop and Keyserlingk in a text written by Richard Kern by going to this site


By: Sander  
Sunday, April 8, 2012