New book written by Margrit von Kleist
A message from Christiane von Kleist dated October 1,2012:
Hello Everyone,
Hope this email finds everyone well.
The day has finally come for those who have been patiently waiting, and asking......After 10 yrs. in the making, my mother has finally finished and published her war-time memoirs.
A few selected book stores are carrying her books. A number of people who have read the book, have said that it was interesting enough to be made into a movie. Well lets see.....
The book ONE LIFE MANY CHAPTERS by Margrit von Kleist, is an adventurous experience that starts from her early childhood to war-time womens story around the world, through hardship & history.
For those who are interested to know where one can find the book, here are two sites:
1) Amazon. com
2) Llumina Press ... click on Bookstore- Biography & Memoirs
All the best,
Saturday, November 12, 2016