Henry Keyserlingk passed away peacefully on April 19, 2019 in Cownansville, Quebec
Dr. John Keyserlingk, his younger brother wrote 
He finally lost his 2-year battle with Leukemia. His passing was very gentle thanks to the incredible staff at the Maison Diapason in Bromont. He leaves his wife Madeleine, their daughter Cissy and her husband Richard, their 2 grandchildren Phoenix and Charlotte and his whole Keyserlingk and Forest families. We will miss his enthusiasm, his numerous interests, his humour, his charm, his advice and his courage while facing such a long battle.  Henry did not want a funeral but had agreed to a short reunion of his family and friends at the Complexe Funeraire, 402 rue de la Riviere, Cowansville, on Sunday,April 28th 2019 from 10AM to Noon.

Pictures taken at the memorial service can be seen at: 

Our brother Ted wrote: 
Sun, Apr 21, 4:25 PM (7 days ago)
After a long and brave two year battle against leukemia, my much-loved brother Henry, died peacefully Friday morning April 19 in a splendid hospice in Cowansville, Quebec. He had been there and extremely well cared for during his last few days. His wife Madeleine had stayed the last night with him there and was holding his hand and comforting him when he died. A good way to die, and a very consoling memory for Mad.
But death remains loss and grief no matter the manner of passing. From now on I suppose it is up to our memories of Henry that will hopefully soften the loss and ease the grief. I will greatly miss his raucous and infectious laughter, his inquisitive and probing manner that served him so well socially and in court as a prosecutor, and the long emails we exchanged on a regular basis, some serious, many politically incorrect.
Along with some other siblings I was lucky to have visited him and Mad in the hospital and then the hospice in the days just before he died. Though visibly weakening and well aware the end was near, he was his old self, fully engaged in the exchanges and laughter about bizarre family antics.
I have attached below the link to the notice of Henrys death, including a photo. The notice also includes information about the informal Memorial to take place on Sunday, April 28 in Cowansville for family and friends.
All the very best from Rachelle and me, Ted
Sander Keyserlingk
Monday, May 6, 2019