Heinrich Keyserlingk gave whale skeleton to Amur Museum in Khabarovsk in 1900.
Translated from Russian  from Pravda newspaper, August 2019. Khabarovsk is about 800 kms north of Vladivostok.
The skeleton of a whale is housed in the new building of the Local History Museum of the Amur Museum. In a specially dedicated pavilion reserved for it. The skeleton is about twenty meters long.
The Khabarovsk Museum of Local History was presented with a skeleton by Count Heinrich Keyserling, the owner of one of the first whaling fleets. It happened back in 1900. For over a hundred years, the skeleton stood under a canopy and came to such a state that it needed to be saved.
 In 2004, after dismantling, the skeleton was disassembled on the bones and the hard and painstaking work began. As a result, the restoration was completed only in August this year (2019).
In addition to the skeleton of the fin whale, the Amur Museum will also have other interesting exhibits. For example, an exact copy of the dinosaur Olorotitan Arkharinsky and the mammoth. In addition to the Amur Museum itself, the building will also house a paleontological and geological department, a childrens museum and a large exhibition hall.
Sunday, September 1, 2019