Summary of April 14th 2022 family video chat
HI all,
We had our first family group chat which actually went well and some were on the call for 2 hours. Alfred The Judge Keyserlingk of Dresden tried to join the night before but did not make it this evening. Next time, I will try and do it at an hour when our European and other cousins can join in.
Today we had:
Peter von Keyserling from Charlotteville,Va
Patrick von Keyserling from Erie, Colorado
Marina and Ronald Rosso from the Outer Banks, North Carolina
Katrin and Sebastian and Sam Spano of Ottawa, Canada
Nico Keyserlingk of Montreal
Gaby Perkins of San Antonio. Texas
Tanya, Scott, and Nadia Wilson of Ottawa
Andreas Rogal from Brussels
Marion von Dehn of Victoria, BC
We had good chats. A few bits of info came up.
Andreas Rogal told us that he now writes regularly for a magazine that reports on activities of the European parliament and government. It was good he joined although it was 2 am in Belgium.
Patrick reported that his daughter Mikaela who is married is now working with the Loveland Police Department. There is a horse facility on his property called Nobel Reins that is boarding about 12 horses. He also reported that his second daughter Kara will be marrying in May.
Marion called in from her winter residence in Victoria BC and told us that she now lives part-time between Victoria and Squamish. She was dealing with a mild case of Covid. She reported that her mother, Cissy Keyserlingk von Dehn, who continues unvaccinated, has the usual full house and that everyone there had had Covid except her.
Henry Ks wife, Madeleine had told me she would try and join but did not. She reported that she is off in May for a 2-week cruise up and back to Alaska. She is hoping to see Sis and Marion in Victoria.
Peter von K reported that he continues to repair boats and farm machinery and continues to build out his house.
Gaby reported that her German exchange student, Nickki will be returning to Germany in early June. Gaby and her family will be in Labelle for the first 3 weeks in July.
Tanya reported that her daughter Elena will be spending several weeks in Germany on a German language course. She will then be traveling to Rome with a friend from Canada. Tanyas daughters Nadia and Elena will be spending Easter weekend in Toronto with Marina Hahn Bielers family.
Nico and Milena will be heading off to Turkey for the month of May.
Katrin reported that her family will be heading to Montreal this weekend to spend Easter with the McCallums. They will also be visiting Rachelle and Ted K. Kathrin reported that they will be heading up to Labelle in June and will be there in early July for some of the time that Gabys family will be there.
Monique and I are heading to Montreal from Florida in the first week of May. We have a tentative booking for a river cruise down the Danube from Vienna to Bucharest in early October.
Marina spoke to Gaby about her son who will be in San Antonio in August and may visit with Gaby.
My brother John, the doctor, had an open heart operation last week to replace a faulty valve. He is well and already resting at home.
I will set up another group call sometime in the future.
Sander. April 2022
Saturday, April 16, 2022