Emmett Keyserlingk publishes his first book, now available on Amazon
Emmett writes:
Today, as we welcome the first day of spring, a season of renewal and hope, Iím thrilled to share something dear to me that Iíve been working on for some time now. In all the years I spent doing environmental work, I would capture my feelings and fears into poetry and I put together this chapbook as a kind of medicine for any of you who have those same feelings. Itís available on Amazon today! You should buy one! https://tinyurl.com/37upzmhb
ĎThe Time the Fires Leave Usí is more than just a book of poetry; itís a plea from the wild and an invitation to action on this beautiful planet we call home. As the earth reawakens, letís crack this book open together, let these poems free, and be inspired to change. Trust me, itís worth it. Happy Spring and Happy Reading! 🌱
Friday, March 22, 2024