Welcome to Keyserlingk.info

Dear Cousins,

As I reported earlier,  persons outside the family can now view the site without passwords but will not see our private information.  Visitors will be able to use all the various tools on the site.  This will allow us to show the site to others and to link the site to other websites.  Family members who want to see all information and edit various parts of the site must continue to use the logon and password I gave in my last communication.You need to be aware of a few conventions while using the site, particularly the family tree builder and relationship builder.

1.  Spouses. Spouses of Keyserlingks (male or female) are shown in CAPITAL letters, normally immediately after the Keyserlingk member and in the next indented line. As Keyserlingk is the root,  the tree always shows persons attached to or descendants from Ks in the next generation.  Children of that Keyserlingk then follow the spouse or spouses in alphabetical order with their place and year of birth in brackets.  A convention we have to live with.  Thus your spouses are not your children nor are they siblings of your children.  If you want to see the siblings in chronological order go to the contacts list and do a decendant/ascendant listing.

2. Distinctions used. While building the family data base, I used three  designations of Keyserlingks which you will see throughout the site, unless the full title is used.  The designation FH, being Freiherr, is used for all Keyserlingks up to the time they became either  Barons or Counts. I used BK for  members of the Baron branch and I used GK  for members of the Graf or Count branch.  With female married Keyserlingks, I have tried to maintain the BK or GK to show that they were born as either Baroness or Countess.   You will thus see  married Keyserlingks with either of these designations, although they do not carry this in their own names.  It is to help us distinguish from which branch that person came.  With so many people in the site and with so many similar names ( do a search on Alexander and you will get some 34 people!) we need as many clues as possible to keep track of the family members.

Eine deutsche Ausgabe dieser Seite ist jetzt vorhanden.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018