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    Family tree starts in: 1226  |  Total Family members: 5450 English  Deutsch  
Louise Caroline Baronesse von Roenne's family Siblings : Caroline Lida Baronesse von Roenne (Johann) von Korff, Ludwig Friedrich Heinrich (Adelheid Baronesse von Manteuffel) Freiherr von Roenne, Eugenie Caroline Juliane Baronesse von Roenne (Nicolaus Friedrich) Baronin von Hahn, Carl Theodor (Natalie Baronesse von Roenne) Freiherr von Roenne, Alexander (Virginie von Ascheberg gen. Kettler) Freiherr von Roenne, Peter Eugen (Antonie von Behr) Freiherr von Roenne, Gustav Edmund Nicolai (Adele Baronesse von Fircks) Freiherr von Roenne, Carl Adalbert (Elisabeth Ernestina von Witten) Freiherr von Roenne, Peter Rudolf (Maria von Holtey) Freiherr von Roenne, Jeanine Wilhemine Louise Baronesse von Roenne (Richard) Baronin von Roenne
No Descendants Found for Louise Caroline Baronesse von Roenne  who is a DAUGHTER of  Otto Carl Dietrich (Constancia Henriette von Fircks) Freiherr von Roenne
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If you look at the bottom right of the home page of family website, Keyserlingk.info, you will see the small counter. It is about to hit 30 million. I have no idea of how many are individual visitors ...................
Edward Ted Keyserlingk of Montreal reaches the venerable age of 90
By | 7/19/2024
I am pleased to announce that my older brother Ted had his 90th birthday on July 16th.  This makes him one of the oldest Keyserlingk in history and, I believe , the oldest living Keyserlingk. You...................
Phoenix Ouelette gets his Master in Law degree
By | 6/21/2024
Phoenix is the son of Cecile Keyserlingk and Richard Ouelette. Cecile is the  daughter of Henry and Madeleine Keyserlingk.  Phoenix has completed his Bar exams and needs only to do a 6 month...................
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